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Naoki Yoshida talks possible Final Fantasy XV event in Final Fantasy XIV

Naoki Yoshida talks possible Final Fantasy XV event in Final Fantasy XIV

Written by Brayden — 12 Jan 2017

In an interview with, Naoki Yoshida the producer & director of Final Fantasy XIV and Head of Square Enix Business Division 5 talked about the possible Final Fantasy XV collaboration event in Final Fantasy XIV.

Yoshida confirmed that the event would not simply be costumes from Final Fantasy XV available in Final Fantasy XIV, it would be an actual event, similar to The Lightning Strikes event held in 2013 for The Lightning Saga.

He added it however wouldn't be a collaboration event in the true meaning unless the planners and other staff get a good grasp of Final Fantasy XV and its characters.

Yoshida continued, from a commercial perspective it would be good timing that now that Final Fantasy XV has been released but that's not what he is really thinking about right now. “Just like how Lightning’s [collaboration event] was incorporated as part of the Lightning Saga, I don’t think it’d be as fun unless we have the four guys from Final Fantasy XV get lost in the middle of their trip and somehow find themselves in Eorzea. When the time comes, we’ll take it seriously.”

The Lightning Strikes event was written by Motomu Toriyama, the director of the Final Fantasy XIII series and scenario designer for XIII, so it would make sense for Saori Itamuro, Final Fantasy XV's lead scenario designer to write the possible Final Fantasy XV event. In addition, the Final Fantasy XIII team supervised the monster and weapon creation so it's likely the Final Fantasy XV team would do the same.

Source: Siliconera