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Kain Highwind Jumping Into Dissidia Arcade Cast

Kain Highwind Jumping Into Dissidia Arcade Cast

Written by Darryl — 28 Jul 2016

Speculation was rife about who would be the next character to appear Dissidia: Final Fantasy Arcade, but very few predicted that Kain Highwind would be the next character to jump into the game's ever-expanding cast!

Kain's appearance in Dissidia Arcade was announced on the latest NicoNico live stream his arrival means there are now multiple representatives from Final Fantasy IV in the game (Cecil makes a fitting appearance at the end of his reveal trailer).

Following on from Kefka's rather creative move set, Kain Highwind's move set is a bit more traditional. You can check it out in the trailer below, but there is a strong emphasis on standard melee attacks, with a few nods to his dragoon abilities thrown in.

Here's Kain's reveal trailer. Are you happy with him being the latest addition, or were you expecting someone else?

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