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Final Fantasy Brave Exvius Now Available On iOS/Android

Final Fantasy Brave Exvius Now Available On iOS/Android

Written by Darryl — 30 Jun 2016

Good news for fans of recent Final Fantasy games, Final Fantasy Brave Exvius has now released in Western markets on iOS and Android devices.

After releasing in Japan towards the end of 2015, we learnt during May of this year that Square Enix would be localising the game. To build hype up, they also did a promotional sign-up campaign that had numerous milestones.

The game itself is free to play, but there are in-app purchases. For launch, Square also included a few bundle versions, one of which costs $3.99 and is geared towards beginners or those who simply want to level up their characters faster. Others give options for the faster acquisition of characters and items.

Google Play: Get The Game On Google Play
App Store: Get The Game On iTunes

Have you downloaded the game yet? If so, how are you finding it? If you haven't downloaded it, what's stopping you?

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