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Justice Monsters Five Pushed Back To August 2016

Justice Monsters Five Pushed Back To August 2016

Written by Darryl — 28 Jun 2016

Square Enix took to Twitter earlier today to give fans an update on Justice Monsters Five, specifically relating to when we might actually get to play this game.

Billed as a companion mini-game to Final Fantasy XV when it was announced during Uncovered: Final Fantasy XV, Justice Monsters Five is due to release on iOS and Android devices. However, despite being part of the Final Fantasy XV Universe (all other properties of which will be released before the game), it has been suffering from issues already.

Just before E3 2016, we learnt that the game would be delayed due to technical issues and that a release date would be revealed during the show. It's now a few weeks after E3, but at least we've been given a release window!

So, as you can see, the new aim is August 2016 for both devices. At the same time, producer Daisuke Motohashi also announced that a Windows 10 version of the game is in development. That's due to release at some point "this year", so we'll have to keep an eye out for future announcements around that version of the game.

Are you happy about the news? We can't wait to see what this game's all about when it finally releases!

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