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Final Fantasy E3 2016 Recap: Regalia Type-F Airship, Nomura Talks, Final Fantasy XII Sequels + More

Final Fantasy E3 2016 Recap: Regalia Type-F Airship, Nomura Talks, Final Fantasy XII Sequels + More

Written by Katherine — 20 Jun 2016

Now E3 has drawn to a close, it’s time to catch-up on any information you might have missed! That means I'm here again to get you up to date with all of the latest information from Final Fantasy XV and beyond.

E3 certainly brought us some surprises – from A King’s Tale: Final Fantasy XV being announced to the gorgeous Trial of Titan demo being shown; it’s safe to say we’re all anxious from excitement to learn more, but let’s get up to date with what we’ve learned from Day 2 and 3!

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Final Fantasy XV Live Stage Presentation: Day Two

While the first half of the presentation was recapping the information from the day before, towards the end we were able to see all new footage of Altissia, the Regalia: Type F in action and more.

Altissia is the largest city in the game and it looks absolutely beautiful! The city has drawn inspiration from Venice, and you can even make your way around by gondola. It’s not all sights to see though, as the footage takes a spooky turn when you focus on a certain painting and ghostly hands appear!

I think I’ll just stick to admiring the scenery by gondola, thank you! Towards the end of the footage, you see the party making their way to the coliseum and there was even some hints at a Hunting system not too dissimilar to that seen within Final Fantasy XII. More on that is explained in the Q&A segment!

Next up was the special treat for the Day Two presentation, as Tabata unveiled some new airship footage which got everyone pretty pumped up!

The Regalia: Type-F looks wonderful in action but unfortunately, you won’t be able to access it until later in the game. Better brush up on your flying skills though, as crashing the car will result in a game-over and a poor landing will elicit some sarcastic comments from the party.

An Update On A King’s Tale: Final Fantasy XV

Following the surprise announcement of A King's Tale: Final Fantasy XV on the first day of E3, we received further clarification on how exactly gamers will be able to play the game.

It has now been confirmed that A King's Tale will will only be available in the UK by pre-ordering Final Fantasy XV through GAME. In North America, we also know that pre-orders will have to be through GameStop (US) and EB Games (Canada) and Japanese gamers will have to go through 7-Eleven.

Although it may change, A King’s Tale will not be included with the Ultimate Collector's Edition of Final Fantasy XV.

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Square Enix Hoping To Make Trial of Titan Available for Japanese Gamers

One of the interesting pieces of information from that Japanese Active Time Report was that Square Enix are hoping to bring the E3-exclusive demo, Trial of Titan, to Japan for Japanese fans to experience.

They also stated that more information about the story of Final Fantasy XV is to come at Gamescom this August, so they hope gamers will look forward to their presence at Germany's premium gaming show.

Explaining The Final Fantasy XV Universe

In this short segment, Hajime Tabata and Kingsglaive director Takeshi Nozue discussed the Final Fantasy XV universe that was revealed during the Uncovered event.

Tabata-san explains that the Final Fantasy XV Universe was created to provide many avenues of enjoyment before the full-game is released this September, so that when you play the game, you have the best experience as possible.
Each part of the Universe is a standalone product that doesn’t require the player to actually play Final Fantasy XV to experience the full enjoyment, but each product was created with the intention of heightening your experience.

Kingsglaive director Nozue-san explains that while Kingsglaive draws comparisons to Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children often, the concepts are very different. Advent Children was created as a sequel, whereas Kingsglaive is ‘one of the two’ entry points to the Final Fantasy XV Universe.

New CGI footage is then shown, of King Regis asking the party to guide his ‘wayward son’ to Altissia and remain at his side, and then we see the Kingsglaive trailer shown again.

If you choose to experience both stories, you will see just how strong the bond between father and son is, but both stories can be enjoyed on their own without experiencing the other. Nozue-san says that they were designed to provide a ‘profound experience’ if you decide to watch and play both, but either one on their own will leave you satisfied.

To those who decide to watch Kingsglaive and play Final Fantasy XV, the team hope to deliver the ultimate experience!

Final Fantasy XV Q&A: Tababa Answers 16 Fan Questions

And so began the last Final Fantasy XV segment of E3, a pretty strong way to round the show out! Hajime Tabata took to Square Enix Presents to answer questions from fans on Twitter who used the #AskFFXV hashtag. There were quite a few pieces of key information relating to the HUD, downloadable content and even controlling the behaviour of your party members.

We recommend checking out all of the responses in our full article.

Nomura Comments on the Final Fantasy VII Remake

Although it wasn't there in any real form, it didn't stop Tetsuya Nomura commenting on the Final Fantasy VII Remake when speaking to Japanese publication Famitsu.

Although he wouldn't share too much information, he did say that the first part of the Final Fantasy VII Remake is unfortunately still a while away.

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Final Fantasy XII Franchise May Be Expanded Further

During an interview with GameStop, the director for Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age, Takashi Katano, said that there had been discussions internally at Square Enix around future titles in the Final Fantasy XII franchise.

Although Ivalice has seen titles since, the last game we have seen within the same world as Final Fantasy XII was Revenant Wings, which released on the Nintendo DS.

Katano noted that they will need The Zodiac Age to sell well in order to convince the powers that be at Square Enix that there is an audience out there for future titles.

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E3 2016 has definitely been full of Final Fantasy XV news this time, and we have more information promised at Gamescom in August! Stay tuned for more updates.

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