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Tabata Talks Final Fantasy XV's DLC, Levelling, Framerates and More!

Tabata Talks Final Fantasy XV's DLC, Levelling, Framerates and More!

Written by Katherine — 18 Jun 2016

On the final day of E3 2016, Hajime Tabata (Director of Final Fantasy XV) took to the Square Enix Presents "stage" to answer some questions asked by fans around the world on Twitter, using the #AskFFXV hashtag!

Sixteen questions were picked to be answered, and to make things interesting, Tabata wasn't told about the questions beforehand! If you want to check out the live interview for yourself, please check out the video below (skip to 6:46:00).

If you don't have time for that though, since we love to make things easier for you Final Fantasy fans, here are the questions and answers below. There’s certainly some interesting information here!

Is there an option to turn off the HUD to create a more immersive experience?

Yes, there is! Tabata-san believes that players will be taking lots of screenshots in-game, and how could we resist? The world of Final Fantasy XV is a beautiful one, and now we’ll be able to capture those beautiful views without the HUD spoiling any shot.

Will there be a camera mode, theatre mode or coliseum mode?

There will not be a theatre mode, but there will indeed be a camera mode! While Prompto is always taking pictures himself, the player will be able to take control of their own camera and take as many as they like.

In Altissia, there will be a mini-game at the coliseum – but it doesn’t involve the boys themselves participating! Instead, you will be able to bet on monsters fighting against other monsters. However, it was hinted that there might be an opportunity to add content in post-launch!

Will there be an option to adjust the camera distance?

The camera is set to move automatically, so there is nothing planned in terms of adjusting the camera distance manually at this moment in time.

Will the game become too easy if you level up too much?

If you do dedicate enough time to level up your characters, there will be situations where you can ‘one-hit’ kill your enemies – but Tabata-san doesn’t see it as a negative and believes it won’t have an impact on the game.

However, if you don’t want to spend the time grinding, you will be able to do low-level runs of the game, and there will be an optional item that will prevent you from levelling up! In these runs, you will have to use your skills, instead of relying on your level in the boss fights.

Will there be different control layouts and UI that players can choose from?

The UI will be renewed once more before final release and the development team are currently working on the functionality and aesthetics. What we’ve seen in the most recent footage is just a placeholder, rather than the final product. Currently, there are two different control layouts – one being the default and the other is the same as the one featured in Episode Duscae!

Another may be implemented before launch, but you will be able to move freely between control layouts.

In the final scene in the E3 2016 trailer, when is that in the story of the game? It looks like they are wearing what the glaives are wearing in Kingsglaive Final Fantasy XV...

The scene is near to the very end of Final Fantasy XV, and yes, they are wearing the uniforms worn by the Glaives! Tabata-san cannot explain why, however, as it is a spoiler, but the scene takes place as the party returns to Insomnia.

Is Insomnia (Shinjuku) an explorable town in the game?

Insomnia isn’t fully explorable on a scale like Altissia is – it’s more like a battleground. So far, we’ve only seen the main plaza of Insomnia, but we will soon learn the sheer immensity of the city when we all watch Kingsglaive.

How many hours of gameplay will there be? Aside from the main story, are there a lot of side quests?

The development team estimates 40 - 50 hours just for the main story. There will be extra content, including side-quests, and this alone will be 100 hours. For everything combined, the team believe 200 hours will be the time it takes to get that platinum trophy! Many gamers have been waiting very long for the game to release, the team want to make sure there is plenty of content to enjoy.

Will we see a stable frame rate and anti-aliasing improvement in the final release? What kind of optimization is being carried out to maximize visual quality while preventing frame rate dips?

The development team are still optimizing the game for the final release, so it’s difficult for Tabata-san to talk about it in detail. However, here are the specifications for the E3 2016 demos that have been shown:

Xbox One – ranges between 800p to 900p, consistent 30 frames per second.
PlayStation 4 – ranges between 900p and 1080p, consistent 30 frames per second.

Both are performing better than Episode Duscae and the recently released Platinum Demo, and while there are framerate dips (for example when using ally commands), the team are confident that they can fully optimize the game for its release.

Will movement speed and duration increase as you level up in the game?

Character level does not have an impact on the stamina gauge. Normal movement speed and dash are very different, as running does not deplete your stamina but dashing does. To increase your stamina level, you will have to choose carefully what you eat back at the camp!

Is the music piece ‘Somnus’ still in Final Fantasy XV?

While the beautiful cover of Stand By Me (Florence and the Machine) is now the main theme for Final Fantasy XV, Somnus will still be used in an important and interesting way.

How many Astrals (summons) are there in the game?

There aren’t many summons in the game, but they will all be extremely impactful in their own way. Each summon will play an important part in the story, and Tabata-san would like to focus on developing their personality and individual impact, rather than adding more.

Something else to mention is that they aren’t just guardians of their respective territories – they’re guardians of the entire world of Eos.

Are there multiple approaches to summoning an Astral?

Some summons can be used when Noctis has been KO’d, similar to in Episode Duscae, or instead to assist the party members. Other summons are bound to certain situations or conditions – for example, you cannot summon Leviathan unless there is water nearby.

Will the Airstep Sword and Engine Sword make it in Final Fantasy XV?

Both weapons will be in-game. The Engine Sword has been confirmed to have special features.

Are there any plans for DLC in Final Fantasy XV??

DLC is confirmed and there will be extra story, additional costumes and much more that Tabata-san is personally excited about. The ‘Play as Prompto’ VR will be DLC, but the development team are focusing on the final game first before anything else – a smaller, core team are working on the DLC currently.

Are you able to change party members’ behaviours during battle?

Party members will be affected during battle by their equipped weapons and by any abilities you have. Any weapons you equip on a party member will be influential in their actions, and any abilities you have will impact the general AI of your party members.

By selecting L1, you can choose which abilities you want your party to use. There will be cooldowns on each ability, so you will have to wait between uses, but there are also automatic abilities that the party can use.

Stay tuned for more Final Fantasy XV updates, including our Day 2 and 3 E3 2016 Recap!

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