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Final Fantasy E3 Recap: Press Conferences + Day One

So much news, already!

Final Fantasy E3 Recap: Press Conferences + Day One

Written by Katherine — 15 Jun 2016

In case you haven’t guessed by the recent influx of gaming news and/or have been living under a rock, the past few days have been Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3 for short) 2016!

Of course, with such a big event comes lots of new information – and for sure, we have been spoiled with new Final Fantasy XV information, with more being promised to come over the next few days thanks to Square Enix Presents, but also the two major press conferences!

Thankfully, I'm here to cast Slow so that we can take a second here to recap everything we've learnt over the past few days!

Trial of Titan Demo Reveal

Final Fantasy XV Director, Hajime Tabata, and Matthew Kishimoto, Senior Product Marketing Manager, were welcomed onto the Microsoft stage to showcase the E3 Special Mission – of course, featuring the summon we’ve all been dying to see!

Here, we see just how awesome the Titan summon is in action, and see Noctis and his friends fighting against the immense summon – soon joined by the Imperial Army pests.

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New Trailer + PlayStation VR Experience Revealed

Yes, you read that correctly – VR!

The latest trailer, which was revealed during the Sony press conference, features impressive music from Afrojack, including a funky rendition of the Chocobo theme.

Lots of new battle footage has been included, and we see the mysterious Ardyn towards the end, seemingly with his foot on the throne. I think his character is the most intriguing as he has a rather Kefka-esque vibe to him. The trailer ends with the boys suited and booted, staring at the fallen city of Lucis – and so begins the VR part.

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Have you ever wanted to be Prompto, or join the boys on their roadtrip? If you answered yes to those questions, then you’re in luck!

Play as Prompto during the Behemoth fight from the Episode Duscae demo, with other special features added in! This will act like a first-person shooter where you have to hit Deadeye's weak spots!

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Official E3 Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV Trailer + US Release Date

An official, English language trailer for the highly anticipated Kingsglaive release.

I must say, I had goosebumps watching this trailer. The voice acting is absolutely fantastic, and look at that CGI Cerberus! We see Nyx, the protagonist, in action along with Lunafreya and the newly announced girl we were all wondering about, Crowe.

It’s scheduled to release in select US theatres on... August 19th! No word if there’ll be a theatre release for the UK (boo!), but more information can be found here.

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Brotherhood: Episode 2 – Dogged Runner Released

When it was revealed that Prompto scored lowest in the popularity polls back when Duscae was released, my heart broke a little. My heart broke even more when we learn more about Prompto’s background in this episode, showing that he wasn’t always the confident and cheeky friend to the Prince.

A lovely episode, that is longer than the original, and shows what most of the gang looked like as kids. Is anyone else dying to see what Gladiolus looked like as a child, though?!

A King’s Tale: Final Fantasy XV Announced

Another companion game to Final Fantasy XV (seriously, they’re spoiling us now!) and it looks awesome! Based on the bedtime stories the King tells to his son, Prince Noctis, King Regis takes the centre here.

It’s set 30 years in the past and is a charming, colourful side-scrolling beat-em-up game where you fight familiar foes from the Final Fantasy series. Use summons, magic, companions and even warp-strikes to avoid and defeat your enemies!

A King’s Tale will only be available through pre-order at certain stores. No news on where to pre-order in the UK, but we will keep you updated!

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Final Fantasy XV Special Presentation

Square Enix took the stage right at the start of E3 to showcase a Final Fantasy XV focussed presentation and there was lots of interesting information to be shared!

Hajime Tabata, Final Fantasy XV’s director, explained how the three main gameplay features made Final Fantasy XV into a ‘leading edge’ game. These were: “Road Trip”, “Adventure”, and “Combat”. Self-explanatory, eh?

We see Noctis drawing magic from various points on the battlefield, a reference to Final Fantasy VIII, possibly? You will be able to craft different magic spells, and in the presentation, we see a Fira spell crafted with healing properties.

‘Wait Mode’ was also shown, an awesome feature where if the heat of the battle becomes too much to handle, you can take a second to pause and put together a strategy! It only lasts for several seconds, however, but it gives you that time to breathe and work out your next move – extremely helpful if you can’t work out why you keep getting those ‘Game Over’s’!

Keep checking Final Fantasy Union for more updates over E3, Square Enix have got plenty more in store for us!

Be sure to also use my wonderful guide above as a reference for when everything is happening with Square Enix Presents!

Katherine combines her love for cosplaying with a healthy obsession for the Final Fantasy franchise. She was even featured during a huge Gamescom spread as Prompto! Follow her cosplay adventures here on Twitter.