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Final Fantasy XV Adds PlayStation VR Mission As Prompto

Final Fantasy XV Adds PlayStation VR Mission As Prompto

Written by Darryl — 14 Jun 2016

Final Fantasy XV will be getting in on the Virtual Reality trend thanks to a special mode added where you can use PlayStation VR to control Prompto.

The mode was unveiled during the Sony press conference this morning at E3 2016 at the end of the Final Fantasy XV segment. It was introduced by Cindy fitting the headset onto Prompto, which then went into some first-person shooter action.

The gameplay itself took place during the Deadeye fight that those who played Episode Duscae should be familiar with. Throughout, Prompto used his gun to shoot weak spots on the tough behemoth and at one point during the trailer turned around to give a nod to PlayStation VR.

You can check out the trailer below, as well as the full gameplay montage that was pulled together for the PlayStation event. The VR segment starts at the 2 minute mark.

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