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ATR Recap: Noctis Is 20 Years Old, Brotherhood Ep 2 Coming Soon, Plus Plenty More

ATR Recap: Noctis Is 20 Years Old, Brotherhood Ep 2 Coming Soon, Plus Plenty More

Written by Lauren — 01 Jun 2016

It kind of flew under the radar a little, but there was an Active Time Report for Final Fantasy XV yesterday that focussed on the subject of community.

Yes, Hajime Tabata was joined by Ofuji-san and the Japanese community managers Nozomi Mitsuoka and Yusuke Tajima as they looked to answer as many questions from the community about Final Fantasy XV as they could within the allotted time!

Apparently they had over 700 questions, but decided to narrow these down before the show started. Questions where then drawn at random, with Tabata providing short, sharp answers to many of them.

Here are the core pieces of information that we managed to gather from the questions that were asked:

- The main four cast members now have ages. Noctis and Prompto are 20, Ignis is 22 and Gladiolus is 23.

- The second episode of Brotherhood is planned to release around E3 2016.

- The hooded man, shown off in previous trailers and the cool piece of concept art is still in the game. They have just chosen not to surface him in recent times.

- There will be a fast-travel system allowing you to quickly navigate to places where you have previously rested/

- You can crash the flying car, which will result in a game over.

- Justice Monsters Five apparently had over 100,000 people register to play. However, it's been delayed with further announcements expected at E3 2016.

- You don't have the ability to climb.

That's all of the major pieces of information. There's nothing too groundbreaking in there, but it's still nice to get little insights, such as how old the characters are.

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