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Square Enix Restricting Final Fantasy XIV Fan Fest Ticket Access

Square Enix Restricting Final Fantasy XIV Fan Fest Ticket Access

Written by Katie — 25 May 2016

There was some big news unveiled in Live Letter XXX about the North American Final Fantasy XIV Fan Festival, not least the date it will take place on! In addition, it was revealed that tickets for the event will be on sale next month, but the exact date for sales is still unknown.

However, those wishing to attend should pay special attention to who will be able to buy tickets. It was announced that “those who are currently subscribed at the moment” will be eligible for purchase. This could mean that only those who currently have an active subscription to Final Fantasy XIV will be able to get tickets.

In hindsight, it gives the community more assurance that fans of the game will be getting these tickets, rather than scalpers bulk-buying and selling them to us for over double the amount.

If tickets do not sell out in the first wave of sales, it is likely that Square Enix will open the box office up to non-subscribers and the general public; as they did for the Fan Festivals in 2014. However, for the first American Final Fantasy XIV Fan Festival, the tickets sold out within the first week of subscription based sales. It has not been announced whether the Japanese or European Fanfest will follow the same sales procedure, but it is very likely.

So those wishing to attend the North American Fan Festival should ensure their subscription is active as soon as possible to be in for a chance of ticket eligibility. Emails will likely be sent out informing Final Fantasy XIV subscribers of the date they can buy event tickets.

The North American Final Fantasy XIV Fan Festival will take place in Paris Hotel and Casino, Las Vegas from October 14th to the 15th.

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