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Housing Will Be More Accessible For Adventurers In Final Fantasy XIV Patch 3.3

Housing Will Be More Accessible For Adventurers In Final Fantasy XIV Patch 3.3

Written by Katie — 13 May 2016

Good news for all you Eorzean home buyers! The Final Fantasy XIV development team has announced some changes to the housing system due to come at the launch of patch 3.3 in order to help new adventurers.

First up, there will be 3 new wards added to each residential district, meaning there will be an additional 720 houses for players to buy giving more players a chance at housing who perhaps weren’t able to originally. In addition to this, the prices for all houses will be lowered.

Housing in Eorzea originally differed from world to world based off of world population and economic climate. In Patch 3.3, the development team has agreed to let all worlds having the same starting price for housing. These lower prices and unified housing costs means that houses are more accessible to those who may have been struggling to afford due to world preference, and for those who are not as involved in the economic markets.

But this could turn out to be a double edged sword for players. Houses have been in huge demand since they were first implemented into Final Fantasy XIV, and with more players seemingly being able to buy, it is likely the majority of new plots will be off the market quicker than a ninja with an arrow card.
But the increase in houses is undoubtedly a step in the right direction, and this new economic plan seems to be more fair for all FFXIV players. Let’s hope the next update is news on an Ishgard residential district!

The release date for patch 3.3 is yet to be confirmed, but we’ll keep you posted on any updates.

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