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DeNA Answers Fan Feedback Over Final Fantasy Record Keeper Debacle

DeNA Answers Fan Feedback Over Final Fantasy Record Keeper Debacle

Written by Lauren — 12 Apr 2016

Final Fantasy Record Keeper's recent Unsung Heroes Final Fantasy Tactics event was met with a lot of criticism from players due to the alleged lowering of drop rate percentages for rare event items like the Platinum Sword.

Fans were upset enough to run a survey among other players in order to identify what was going on with the special item drop rate. After 1820 people responded in about 2 days, they had come to the conclusion that the special item drop rate had fallen from 12% in previous events, to 10%.

In response, players emailed DeNA (the company developing the title) and reported their claims to which DeNA had agreed were correct.

DeNA have also stated that they take customer feedback very seriously and are considering more transparency when it comes to drop rates in future events. Their aim is to maintain customer trust.

Hopefully this is the case for future events, but at the same time it's a shame they have reduced the drop rate at all. Either way, we'll keep you updated as best we can on this matter.

Source: Siliconera

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