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Final Fantasy XV Feature Tackles Sequels, Gameplay, and Story In Game Informer

Final Fantasy XV Feature Tackles Sequels, Gameplay, and Story In Game Informer

Written by Lauren — 06 Apr 2016

For Game Informer's May 2016 issue, Final Fantasy XV has rightfully taken the spotlight offering some insight into the game's development and what lies ahead after last week's Uncovered: Final Fantasy XV event.

In this feature, Game Informer cover a lot of ground within Final Fantasy XV including story, gameplay, and just some general unannounced information. After spending a week in Square Enix's Tokyo offices, GI were able to dig up the dirt on some pretty interesting aspects of Final Fantasy XV.

We definitely recommend picking up a copy of the big issue, but just to give you some of the highlights, here's what we picked up from Nova Crystallis.

There are some spoilery things up ahead so if you're wanting to keep things a complete surprise, tread carefully!:


- Final Fantasy XV is not a part of the Fabula Nova Crystallis and a lot of the game changed with that move including, but not limited to Stella's role in the story. However, this was to push Final Fantasy XV into its own light away from Versus XIII.
- Business Division 2, the team creating Final Fantasy XV, believes that the Final Fantasy brand is defined by - challenging the status quo, providing an exceptional experience and using cutting-edge technology.
- They'll be using things like instrumental versions of actual songs (i.e. 'Heart of Gold' by Neil Young) to play on the theme of "fantasy based on reality"
- The dog featured in previous trailers is a faithful servant named 'Umbra'.


- Combat has improved offering more responsive controls.
- Weapons can be switched using the d-pad as seen in the Platinum Demo and there are tabs for weaponry like swords, daggers, lances, firearms, shields, royal arms and elemental spells.
- Weapons can be upgraded from materials gathered and won in battle, but Noctis' stats can only be improved via AP (ability points)
- You can choose to upgrade Noctis and co's techniques or teach them new ones
- There's a weapon slot for machinery which I'm guessing is for machines like the ones we saw in the last Active Time Report.
- Magic is a resource that needs to be replenished (i.e. Final Fantasy VIII's draw system)
- Magic can be synthesized to create stronger spells like Blizzara
- The Regalia's trunk offers party storage
- You'll need money for gas every now and then
- The car's radio will play various remixes of Final Fantasy music including music from Final Fantasy XIII
- Prompto will take pictures for you to share on social media and, as previously addressed, he will improve his photography skills as he goes along
- Noctis - Fishing Ability, Prompto - Photography, Ignis - Cooking, Gladiolus - Survival skills
- Summons will behave differently depending on the situation. For example Titan could choose to melee attack an opponent, throw boulders at them, or run away
- There are over 200 quests in FFXV including leisure quests, main story, monster hunts, and regional

Story Related Info

- Final Fantasy XV's Story focuses on friendship, destiny, and legacy.
- The game will start with a battle as a tutorial.
- Chapter 1 picks up with Noctis and co heading toward Altissia, however, their car breaks down in the Leide region so they need to push the car to the nearest station
- Much like in Episode Duscae, Cindy (along with her grandfather Cid) assign a bunch of tasks for you to complete while the Regalia gets repaired
- Beginning of the game is filled with familiar imagery before things head into a more fantasy-esque world.
- Dialogue choices can lead to different outcomes (i.e. asking you party for advice before asking Cindy for a discount or loan). Depending on the outcome, it can offer you stat bonuses.
- Luna's presence is to support Noctis and help him fulfill his destiny
- Tabata has no intentions to produce a sequel

Final Fantasy XV releases on September 30th, 2016 for Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Pre-order your copy on today!

Source: Nova Crystallis

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