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Tabata: Final Fantasy XV Has To Sell 10 Million Copies Worldwide

That's a whole lot of copies!

Tabata: Final Fantasy XV Has To Sell 10 Million Copies Worldwide

Written by Lauren — 31 Mar 2016

During a press conference earlier today, Final Fantasy XV director Hajime Tabata stated that Final Fantasy XV needs to sell 10 million copies over its entire life span in order for it to be deemed a financial success.

It's a pretty lofty goal. 10 million copies means it would need to sell more than every other Final Fantasy game except Final Fantasy VII and twice as much as The Witcher 3's sold so far. Final Fantasy XIII, which released in late 2009 in Japan, sold about 6.6 million worldwide by 2013.

Even if you're ignoring the fact that the game has been in development for 10 years, 3 of those being full time development on Final Fantasy XV, they are also adding to their expenses with these lavish spectacles. There's a custom-built Audi R8, CGI feature film, anime series, and the production of 30,000 Ultimate Collector's Editions which each contain an exclusive Noctis Play Arts Kai among other things.

There's also a free mobile game in development and even hiring out the Shrine Auditorium must have cost a pretty penny.

The positive side to this is that they've adopted the mantra, "Go big or go home." They could've tried to cut their losses, but instead they've decided to push the game and its marketing campaign to the limit with the hopes that they'll blow the game out of the water.

All in all, we hope that Square Enix is able to achieve this lofty goal. It's been a long time coming, but we're almost there.

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Source: Kotaku UK

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