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Final Fantasy XV Reversal: Cactuars Will Now Appear!

The main campaign is also said to last approximately 50 hours.

Final Fantasy XV Reversal: Cactuars Will Now Appear!

Written by Darryl — 24 Mar 2016

Ahead of the big Uncovered: Final Fantasy XV taking place next week, Director Hajime Tabata took part in a NicoNico Livestream by Famitsu and shared some interesting details relating to the game's main campaign as well as additional pieces of content the team has been working on.

One of the main pieces of information, as reported by Nova Crystallis, is that despite previous assertions that Cactuars would not be featuring in Final Fantasy XV, Tabata revealed that they will now be appearing as a rather powerful enemy.

Not too much was shared beyond this, but Tabata did state that Cactuars will have the ability to dodge Noctis' Warp Strike abilities. It could mean that Tonberries may also sneak in, as they were revealed to be excluded at the same time as Cactuars originally were.

Tabata also revealed in the interview that the development team now believe it will take around 50 hours to complete the main campaign. The bar was previously set at 40 hours, but has been raised thanks to additional content that has been added in.

Now, we all know that developers like to make these bold claims and that everyone plays games at a different pace, but it's great to hear that more content is being added into the main scenario.

Other nuggets are that there will be a playable tech demo shown at the Uncovered event, and that while the game currently does not run at 30 frames per second, it is something they will be striving for up until launch.

Full interview below, if you are interested in watching (starts at 27:00). It's in full Japanese with no subtitles, but you might enjoy it nonetheless!

Source: Game Jouhou

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