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Powerman5000 Claim Final Fantasy XIV Stole Their Song

Powerman5000 Claim Final Fantasy XIV Stole Their Song

Written by Lauren — 25 Feb 2016

Director Naoki Yoshida has stated that the similarities between the two songs is pure coincidence. See full statement below.

To be fair, many were surprised with the song choice while playing through phase 2 of the fight with Sephirot in Final Fantasy XIV Patch 3.2, but none were more surprised than band Powerman5000 who are now claiming that the composers had stolen the track from them.

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Powerman5000 took to facebook earlier today to rant about the game, stating:

"Really? Got to say that the level of unimaginative theft that was used in creating this music for ‪#‎finalfantasyXIV‬ is mind blowing! I mean, this is When Worlds Collide! Using something as inspiration is one thing but a straight up rip off is another! Did they really think no one would notice? ‪#‎FFXIV‬ ‪#‎ripoff‬"

The song in question is "When Worlds Collide" which was released back in July 1999. When comparing the two songs, there are a lot of similarities. Director Naoki Yoshida has now released a statement saying that the similarities are pure coincidence. Here's the full post:

"Regarding the Music for the 2nd Phase of Containment Bay S1T7

I have read through your comments concerning the BGM for the 2nd phase of the Containment Bay S1T7 battle with Sephirot, and I would like to personally explain how the track was conceived.

As most FINAL FANTASY fans already know, Sephirot (the Fiend) is a legacy boss character who originally appeared in FINAL FANTASY VI. When considering how to portray Sephirot's return in FINAL FANTASY XIV, we decided to pay tribute to FFVI by working VI's "Battle to the Death" track into the Containment Bay S1T7's first phase, while opting to create an FFXIV original for the second.

Building upon the motif of Sephirot as a representation of the World Tree, to create this FINAL FANTASY XIV original track, we further incorporated story-driven themes of death and a warped obsession with life, all while utilizing a musical genre─industrial rock─which we believed would provide substantial emphasis to the message.

Industrial rock is a popular genre that can be further divided into numerous sub-genres. Countless songs from these genres have been released worldwide, and I have been made aware of an allegation regarding similarities between an existing track and the track created for the 2nd phase of Containment Bay S1T7. However, track composer Masayoshi Soken, has also stated to me that he was unaware of the track in question while working on this FINAL FANTASY track.

We hope that you continue to enjoy FINAL FANTASY XIV battle content.

FINAL FANTASY XIV Producer and Director, Naoki Yoshida"
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What are your thoughts on the situation? Listen to both songs below.

Here's the Sephirot Phase 2 theme from Final Fantasy XIV Patch 3.2:

Here's Powerman5000's "When Worlds Collide":

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