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Cloud Strife Available Now On Super Smash Bros

Cloud Strife Available Now On Super Smash Bros

Written by Lauren — 16 Dec 2015

The wait is over for Cloud Strife's Super Smash Bros. appearance as the Final Fantasy VII protagonist is now available for download.

As we saw in the reveal trailer, Cloud will be able to wear either his original Final Fantasy VII costume or his Advent Children costume.

Cloud Strife - Super Smash Bros

Summons will also be available to us. They appear as summon materia and they will effect the terrain. Possible summons include Ifrit, Odin, Bahamut Zero, and Leviathan.

Cloud Strife is available for Super Smash Bros. for the Nintendo 3DS and Wii U for $5.99 each/$6.99 for both. You can watch the official Cloud Strife trailer below. Be sure to Subscribe to our YouTube channel for more trailers and content!

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