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Final Fantasy VII Remake Gameplay Footage Debuts At PSX 2015

Final Fantasy VII Remake Gameplay Footage Debuts At PSX 2015

Written by Darryl — 05 Dec 2015

Wow, what a start to the 2015 PlayStation Experience! There were rumblings that we might get to see something from the Final Fantasy VII Remake at Sony's premium show and those rumblings delivered with a 2 minute 11 second trailer that showed off plenty of details.

To start, we got to see some solid gameplay footage from both a general perspective, but also from a battle perspective. It seems like there's going to be a more exploratory approach to proceedings, with a third-person camera in effect during sequences such as Cloud trying to escape from the reaction through Midgar and also during the assault on the reactor itself.

The big news on the battle front is that it seems as though the Active Time Battle system has gone in favour of a live-action style ala Final Fantasy XV. We got to see Cloud darting around the screen attacking some ShinRa guards, but Barret was also in the party. Whether or not he will be a fully controllable party member remains to be seen at this stage, but we are sure to find out soon enough.

Perhaps the other interesting part of the trailer was the inclusion of Jessie, Biggs and Wedge. Each of them had some lines of dialogue and we got to see how they are being re-created from a visual perspective for the remake. It also highlighted that there will be additional scenes put in to help flesh these characters out a little, which may make certain scenes later on even more heart-wrenching.

Be sure to check out the footage below and let us know what you think in the comments!

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