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New Dissidia Final Fantasy Screenshots Reveal Stage Locations

New Dissidia Final Fantasy Screenshots Reveal Stage Locations

Written by Lauren — 10 Nov 2015

More Dissidia Final Fantasy screenshots have been revealed just in time for its November release date in Japanese arcades. These screens reveal some of the locations that should be available when the game launches.



First we, of course, have a location from Final Fantasy I which is actually one of the main locations they've used in the trailers. Cornelia is one of the kingdoms that you visit during Final Fantasy I and it's lovely to see the evolution of Cornelia since the original game.
Cornelia - FFI (1) Cornelia - FFI (2) Cornelia - FFI (3)

Interdimensional Rift


Final Fantasy V's stage takes place in the Interdimensional Rift which is the game's final dungeon. It really reminds us of some of the locations in Final Fantasy X and XIII, but alas, it is in fact from Final Fantasy V.

Interdimensional Rift - FFV (1) Interdimensional Rift - FFV (2) Interdimensional Rift - FFV (3)



It just wouldn't be a Dissidia game without a location from Final Fantasy VII and what better location than Midgar? This definitely looks like it'll be a fun industrial style stage which is sure to please any Final Fantasy VII fanboy.

Midgar - FFVII (1) Midgar - FFVII (2) Midgar - FFVII (3)



Last but certainly not least, we have the snowy mountains of Narshe from Final Fantasy VI. It's a pretty iconic location from Final Fantasy VI so it's no wonder that they're using it for Dissidia.

Narshe - FFVI (1) Narshe - FFVI (2) Narshe - FFVI (3)

Also featured in this week's batch of screens are some high quality images of the 3 announced summons in Dissidia Final Fantasy; Ifrit, Shiva, and Ramuh.

Ifrit (1) Shiva (1) Ramuh (3)

Dissidia Final Fantasy is releasing exclusively to Japanese arcades on November 26th. If you wish to check out all of the screenshots you can do so below:

20151110 Dissidia 2015

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