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More High Quality Dissidia Final Fantasy Screenshots Featuring Gameplay

More High Quality Dissidia Final Fantasy Screenshots Featuring Gameplay

Written by Lauren — 26 Oct 2015

I guess with the November 26th release date coming up so fast, Square Enix have released a huge new batch of screenshots for Dissidia: Final Fantasy featuring a range of items including gameplay, characters, and summons.

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Among the batch, you can see some moves from a few of the announced cast. You can even catch a glimpse of Terra in her Esper form. They've also included a small guide for the controls.

Gameplay (13) Gameplay (2)

High quality character profiles have also been released. Only some of the heroes have been featured including Bartz, Cloud, and Warrior of Light. Cloud's picture makes me wonder if this might be a preview of how he might look in the Final Fantasy VII Remake considering how detailed his clothing is.

Characters (13)

Then finally we have the summons Ramuh, Ifrit, and Shiva which are quickly becoming the summon mascots for the series as these are the three mentioned for World of Final Fantasy as well.

Dissidia - Summons (Ramuh) Dissidia - Summons (Shiva) Dissidia - Summons (Ifrit)

Dissidia: Final Fantasy will release on November 26th exclusively in select Japanese arcades. You can check out all of the latest screenshots below:

20151026 Dissidia Final Fantasy Screens

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