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Why Does King Regis Look So Old? Tabata Explains

Why Does King Regis Look So Old? Tabata Explains

Written by Lauren — 22 Sep 2015

More information has come from Tokyo Game Show 2015 from leisure activities to Final Fantasy XV's mysterious storyline. The latest interview from Dengeki Online covers it all! Here are some of the highlights:

More on Leisure Activities

Tabata, of course, said during his last Active Time Report that this one would be focused on leisure activities. He expanded upon this in the Dengeki interview by saying that depending on what fish you catch, the meal will obviously change. At the moment there isn't a plan to have weather play a part in what fish are available at what time, but they'll definitely consider it.

With Chocobos, they're essentially your fastest mode of transportation when travelling around outside of the Regalia. Although they'll cost a bit to rent, Chocobos are able to reach locations that Noctis and co would not be able to reach on foot. Tabata does say though that you want to steer clear of dungeons when riding on a Chocobo. This probably has something to do with the fact that you aren't able to fight creatures while mounted.

As mentioned previously, if you give Chocobos greens, this will improve your chances of avoiding battle and keeping your Chocobo's stamina up. You will be able to purchase these greens from Chocobo farms. They've considered perhaps making greens available while out on the fields, but this is not something that's been agreed on as of yet.

Luna and Noctis Share a Promise

Tabata made it pretty clear that Noctis and Luna's relationship is purely political. Apparently the story of Final Fantasy XV will begin with Noctis and his crew heading to Altissia for the wedding ceremony.

King Regis Looks Older Because He Is King of Lucis

Apparently there's a reason for King Regis looking the way he does and it has to do with being king of Lucis. It's due to the energy that is needed to use the crystal and the crystal's power is used to protect Lucis. As Regis is King, he uses his energy to keep the Kingdom protected which reduces his lifespan significantly. Apparently Noctis will also age rapidly once he becomes king.

Lost Ring of King Regis

Apparently there's a special ring that has been passed down from generations of kings of Lucis and it holds all of the wisdom and power of the previous kings. It seems as though the ring has been lost with King Regis so perhaps this is some thing that'll play a big role in the main story.

There Won't Be Many Eidolons in Final Fantasy XV

Tabata stated that there will only be a few Eidolons featured in this game and they don't have any connection to the human affairs going on in the world. With that being said though, their relation to the genesis of Final Fantasy XV's world will play a major part in the game's story.

That's all from the Deneki interview! Check back for more updates from Tokyo Game Show 2015!

Thank you to femto-jiokichi on Tumblr for the translation!

Source: Dengeki Online

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