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Possible Halloween Goodies For Final Fantasy XIV Discovered

Possible Halloween Goodies For Final Fantasy XIV Discovered

Written by Alex Maine — 20 Sep 2015

Now that the sun has set on the Moonfaire, you're all probably wondering what the next seasonal event will have in store for us? Well, thanks to some investigators on Reddit, we have a pretty good idea of some of the things we can look forward to during this year's festivities. Keeping in mind that the information available on this right now is pretty vague, but after some thorough web searching, I think it's safe to say we should expect the next seasonal event in October shortly around the same time as 3.1.

Why October? Halloween of course! -and don't worry. There is plenty to get spooked about. I warn you in advance. There are spoilers ahead. Nothing to do with the story, mind you. But here are some rewards we might be able to get. Don't be too surprised if some of these end up being an item purchasable through the Mog Station rather than an in-game reward. Your guess is as good as mine right now.

You can expect new minions, new housing items and new gear which 've listed below, but the most notable addition is a new mount. In the not so distant future you'll be able to fly around Eorzea on a witch's broom. How you obtain this mount is not known, but 'm guessing it will be locked behind seasonal quests.

- Succubus (Housing Item)
- Pumpkin Desk (Housing Item)
- Pumpkin Chair (Housing Item)
- Witch's Broom (Mount)
- Witch's Hat
- Witch's Coatee
- Witch's Gloves
- Witch's Thighboots
- Wild Rose Barding
- Wind-up Firion (Minion)
- Pumpkin Butler (Minion)
- Eerie Wallpaper (Housing item)
- Pumpkin Candlestand (Housing Item)
- Pumpkin Basket (Housing Item)

So start leveling those Black Mages people, Halloween is coming!

Special thanks to Hezkezl on Reddit for the find!

Source: Reddit