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Tokyo Game Show 2015: Active Time Report Round-Up

Tokyo Game Show 2015: Active Time Report Round-Up

Written by Darryl — 20 Sep 2015

We've had a flurry of information coming out of Square Enix at Tokyo Game Show 2015, with plenty of announcements relating to Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts and even some additional properties such as Project Setsuna. One of the stand-outs, of course, was Hajime Tabata's latest Active Time Report, which he used to share new details relating to the story, while also answering some questions from the fans.

So, without further ado, let's dive into the new pieces of information that came out of the Tokyo Game Show 2015 Active Time Report:

The Story

Hajime Tabata opened up about the story somewhat in this ATR, expanding upon the Dawn 1.0/2.0 trailers and giving a bit more exposition about the current climate within the game's world.


- The Niflheim Empire have almost completed their quest for world domination. Only the Kingdom of Lucis has managed to hold out against their might due to the power of the crystal.
- King Regis is the current Crystal Guardian. As a result, he has the ability to summon weapons from thin air - akin to Noctis' abilities.
- Regis used to fight alongside Cid and General Cor, as well as another character who wielded a huge sword similar to Gladiolus.
- Tabata also explained that King Regis has aged quickly due to his expenditure of energy relating to the shield protecting the Kingdom of Lucis.


- Luna is classified as an "oracle" due to her ability to speak with the gods. She is the youngest oracle in history.
- She currently resides in Tenebrae, which is under Niflheim rule.
- Due to her role as oracle, she has a degree of autonomy within the Niflheim Empire, but she also has a very strong resolve and is unfazed about being surrounded by soldiers.
- We also learnt that Lunafreya and Noctis made a promise as children, but Tabata won't reveal what that promise was.
- The woman seen escorting Lunafreya (aka the black-haired woman) has been named Gentiana.


We received some new footage showing off some specific gameplay elements relating to how chocobos will play, but also the incorporation of fishing.


- Chocobos has have their official reveal, featuring a rather classic design with large feathery tails.
- You will be able to rent chocobos for 30 days via the exchange of gil.
- If you get off a chocobo, it will follow you for a short period of time. After that, you will have to whistle to summon it back to your location.
- There will be no chocobo breeding/raising of any kind.
- Despite this, chocobos that are regularly used will see some form of stat boosts occurring.
- Chocobo racing will appear in some form as a mini-game.
- The Black Chocobo will be a special type of chocobo.


- There will be designated fishing spots where you can attempt to catch fish.
- Fish will come in all shapes and sizes and once they are caught, you can take them back to your camp to cook them.
- There will be numerous fishing rods available, with Square Enix currently considering adding in special rods that can only be acquired from certain NPCs.
- Numerous lures will also be added to try and expand the fishing experience.

Q&A Session

The final part of the Active Time Report related to questions that were received from the community. There were quite a few, so we'll focus on the important ones for now:-

- Gilgamesh is not currently planned for inclusion, but he may appear via DLC.
- If they are to add supplementary content to the game via DLC, it will always be free. This includes the previously mentioned airships.
- Noctis will not be able to perform double jumps, but they will be incorporating aerial combos into his move set.
- Magic will be rather familiar, but they are planning to add one new magical spell.
- Guns will play in a different way to the more traditional weapons. They won't therefore have standard combos, but will need reloading.
- Defeating summons will sometimes allow you to borrow their powers.
- Party members (excluding Noctis) will be able to equip sub-weapons. For example, Gladiolus will be able to equip a shield.
- There will be no loading screens while in the field, but they may happen between story moments.
- New details on characters and monsters will periodically be released between now and March.
- Moogles will not play a prominent role within the game, but if there is enough demand they will consider including them more.

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