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Final Fantasy XV At Pax Prime 2015 - Release Date Coming March 2016

Final Fantasy XV At Pax Prime 2015 - Release Date Coming March 2016

Written by Lauren — 30 Aug 2015

As hinted at Gamescom 2015, Tabata has revealed that they will be announcing the release date for Final Fantasy XV at a special event in March 2016.

Hopefully this means the game's actual release date won't be too long after, but aside from that director Hajime Tabata discussed various other bits during their Pax Prime Active Time Report.

Concept Art

During this segment, they showed off some of the concept art that had already been revealed previously in a recent Famitsu interview.


We see the city of Altissia, the Hammerhead concept art which is the autoshop Cindy works at with a currently unannounced owner *cough*Cid*cough*, and Lestallum.


Aside from that, Tabata discussed the importance of Noctis' relationships not only with his friends, but with his father. It's something that was hinted at a bit with the 'Dawn' trailer. The car that the guys are driving was actually King Regis' car so in a way, Noctis is connecting with his father through use of his car.

Regalia Regis

Some artwork of Leviathan was also presented along with the Genesis photo. Tabata confirmed again that the man off to the right of the photo is in fact Ramuh. It'll be interesting to see how this image fits into the game's story.


Some new artwork was revealed featuring an outpost called Caem, which is where Noctis and co can stop before getting onto a ship that will take them to a town called Accordo. Boats will be rendered in real-time and will travel seamlessly through the ocean, however, you won't be able to journey on the actual boat unfortunately.


New Game Footage

Some new footage was featured at the Active Time Report showing the driving mechanics in the game. You can drive yourself if you wish, but you can also have Ignis drive you places while you sit in the back and enjoy the scenery.

You will be able to stop your car at any point, but you can also have the car run on autopilot to various destinations along the way. There will even be parking spots that you will be able to set your map to.

If you wish, as well, you can look at the road from first-person view, but really with all the gorgeous scenery around you, seeing it from 3rd person view is really magical.

There will also be fiends along the way that you can fight. They look as though they'll literally just be hanging out on slopes and such which is a pretty nice touch. It makes the world feel like it's alive rather than just a generic game world.

The gang travels to Caem which was featured in the concept art which is where the footage ends.

Tabata also states the team's reason for changing the driving to the opposite side of the road to Japan. He stated that it's partially because Nifelheim is a country that has guns and they drive on the opposite side of the road for safety. Tabata states that they based this off of countries that have guns and drive on the opposite side of the road for this reason. It's also because switching sides while travelling through the game would be way too confusing so in an effort to keep it simple, everyone will be travelling on the right side of the road.

Special Progress Report Video

Tabata being Tabata, he revealed that the team had another ace up their sleeve; a new progress video! In this Tabata shows off where the team has gotten to as far as development goes. You can see a bit of the magic mechanic and you can even see some fighting with guns.


Rounding the presentation out, Marketing Director Akio Oofuji stated that the team are still working on the official forums and that they will be up by Tokyo Game Show 2015 in September. They have also launched two new twitter pages where fans can interact with the team:

@FFXVEN // English Twitter feed
@FFXVJP // Japanese Twitter feed

The next Active Time Report will take place during Tokyo Game Show 2015 and the gang revealed that there will be more details regarding Luna and King Regis, as well as some insight into leisure activities within the game like fishing and Chocobo related activities. Tokyo Game Show will run from September 17th till September 20th, 2015 so mark your calendars!

If you wish to watch the Active Time Report you can do so by heading to the Square Enix Presents Twitch Stream. You can check out some screenshots below:

20150830 Pax Prime

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