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Minion Battles Announced During the Latest Final Fantasy XIV Letter from the Producer Live

Minion Battles Announced During the Latest Final Fantasy XIV Letter from the Producer Live

Written by Alex Maine — 23 Aug 2015

Brace yourself for cuteness overload with the introduction of minion battles in the latest edition of Final Fantasy XIV's Live Letter.

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As many of you know, XIV is about to celebrate it's 2nd anniversary since re-launch, but today we're going to cover everything that was mentioned in the live letter during the 14 hour stream this weekend. Everything else will come in the later post!

Continuing on from the previous patches, a number of adjustments are expected for Astrologian, Dark Knight & Monk. The specifics are available on the official forums, but basically its an attempt to help balance them better.

Beginner Hall (Working Title)
For those of you looking to master your class, or just learn the basics, the XIV development team are working on a training mode which will allow specific attuned training for each job/class. This is not expected to make the 3.1 patch.

PVP Matching
If you have tried PVP in XIV you will know that the Twin Adders have a habit of finishing last. Many players are asking for the Grand Companies not to be used when setting up the matches, but the development team is concerned about matches being fixed if this is dropped. It's still being considered though.

European Data Center
As I mentioned in an earlier post. European players can rejoice with the introduction of a specialized European data center. This is expected to go online in Mid-October. For this transfer to be completed, the current European worlds will be taken offline for 3 to 5 days. Specialized counselling will be available for those experiencing game withdrawal̢