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Play Triple Triad on Your Phone Through the Final Fantasy Portal App

Play Triple Triad on Your Phone Through the Final Fantasy Portal App

Written by Alex Maine — 20 Aug 2015

After releasing in Japan many moons ago, Final Fantasy Portal reaches the West on both iOS and Android; but what exactly is the portal app? Well, it's basically a news hub with a number of shortcuts to in-app and standalone games.


The most notable addition is the Triple Triad game. Those of you who have played Final Fantasy VIII will know all about this game. Plus, those of you who are actively playing XIV will also be familiar with it, as this was added during the Gold Saucer update earlier this year.

In simple terms, it's a card game focused on four numbers displayed on a card in compass directions. You have to place a card with a higher number than the opponent that is facing the same direction as you. It's not as complicated as it may sound. It's simple. Give it a go!

Thinking about purchasing the original Final Fantasy on your phone? DON'T. It's free for a limited time through the portal app. Just login and claim your free download. While it's not a standalone version like the one in the various app stores, it is the full game which launches directly from the portal app. I just saved you $10. You're welcome. Unless you're like me and you already purchased it before this launched... I guess we have extra save slots now.

The Portal app also features a points system, which is simply a reward for logging in, reading news updates and watching video clips. These points can be exchanged for digital content, such as wallpapers or cards for Triple Triad.

I wonder if we'll get the Final Fantasy 7 Cloud G-bike game next?