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Arnie Roth 'Announces' Final Fantasy XII Remake

Arnie Roth 'Announces' Final Fantasy XII Remake

Written by Darryl — 02 Aug 2015

Arnie Roth, best known for conducting the Distant Worlds concerts, has just let the cat out of the bag by claiming a Final Fantasy XII Remake is in development and that it would be releasing "soon".

The slip came during one of Arnie's interim talks between songs at a Distant Worlds concert in Pittsburgh yesterday. Following a brief talk about the Final Fantasy VII remake, Roth went on to say "and there's a Final Fantasy XII remake underway too, that's coming out soon."

At this stage, it's difficult to know whether Roth was confused about something else or if he has actually just announced a Final Fantasy XII Remake. You can check out the video footage below, which was captured by Final Fantasy Network staffers who were in attendance at the concert.

What do you think, has Roth just announced a Final Fantasy XII Remake, or is he confusing it with something else?

[[YouTube? &video=`IMGTCxb6rAc`]]

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