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Final Fantasy Interview: Ali Hillis (MCM Expo 2015)

Final Fantasy Interview: Ali Hillis (MCM Expo 2015)

Written by Lauren — 30 Jun 2015

We had a blast at this year's MCM Expo, but the clear highlight for us was getting to FINALLY meet the lovely Ali Hillis in person and conduct a face-to-face interview with.

This marks the fourth time we have interviewed Ali, which is insane in itself (she's so nice!), but this one was a little bit different from our previous interviews. To start off, it wasn't conducted via the internet, but it also wasn't tied into the release of a Final Fantasy XIII game. It meant we were able to be a bit more open with the questions and we feel it's a fun, albeit short, interview.

Ali talks a bit about her new movie, her cameo appearance in Final Fantasy Type-0 HD has Emina and shares some interesting stories from fans she has met over the years. We even kept the bit in at the end where we get booted out of the room - that's how dedicated we all are!



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Thanks to everyone who listens to our Final Fantasy show. We really appreciate all of the support you offer and these interviews are just one way we like to say thank you! ^^.

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