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Final Fantasy VII Remake Confirmed With Tetsuya Nomura As Director

Final Fantasy VII Remake Confirmed With Tetsuya Nomura As Director

Written by Lauren — 16 Jun 2015

It's been rumoured and talked about for years, but it's now been confirmed that Square Enix are producing a full-on Final Fantasy VII Remake!

The announcement came during Sony's E3 2015 press conference and as expected, it has caused the internet to explode a little! We don't know a great deal from the trailer aside from some of the staff that will be working on it, but at this stage that's more than enough. Nomura will be directing the game, Kitase will be producing and Nojima will be writing the scenario.

Oh, one other important detail is that it looks to be a timed exclusive on the PS4!

You can check out the trailer below, but I would say that it's great to see Square Enix continuing their trend of announcing games before they've actually released any of the other ones that they've already announced!

p.s. Sorry we were delayed in posting this, we're a) on vacation to celebrate a family occasion and b) our laptop so we've had to try and source out another computer.

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