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Active Time Report FFXV Episode Duscae Feedback Special

Active Time Report FFXV Episode Duscae Feedback Special

Written by Lauren — 28 Apr 2015

Wonder how your answers in the Final Fantasy XV - Episode Duscae survey made a difference? Well in today's Active Time Report with Hajime Tabata, the crew discuss players' feedback head on and provide stats from each of the 3 regions the survey was conducted in; Japan, North America, and Europe.

There's a LOT of information which you can of course read over at Gematsu, but we've composed a lovely infographic to help you out.


Final Fantasy XV - Episode Duscae Feedback Infographic By FINAL FANTASY UNION

Along with that, director Hajime Tabata responded to many of the players' feedback ranging from the lock on system to the frame-rate drops. Here's a small overview from the Active Time Report compliments of Gematsu:

#1 - Lock-on is useless
Player Comments
> Too difficult to use
> Doesn't stay targeted on enemy
> If locked-on enemy moves the camera doesn't follow properly.

Tabata's Response
> Targeted enemy getting lost off-screen - we've already begun addressing it.
> Acknowledged fact that the R3 button was not mentioned in demo.
> All issues regarding targeting system has been thoroughly addressed.

#2 - Camera is too close
Player Comments
> Makes it hard to understand what's going on.

Tabata's Response
> Acknowledged issue especially with enemy called Saberclaw
> Going to make sure camera will pull back during confined space fights
> May consider letting players choose camera distances

#3 - Camera control was poor and felt heavy
Tabata's Response
> Acknowledged issue and working on making camera run smoothly.

#4 - AI is dumb and allies get in the way
Player Comments
> Party member would barge in and get hurt significantly.
> They don't always react to what's going on.
> They get in Noctis' way.

Tabata's Response
> Regards to characters getting in the way, they are addressing issue.
> Not quite there yet with how they want the AI to interact.
> Aware of AI being dumb; working on polishing this.

#5 - Jaggies and the even more concerning frame-rate drops
Tabata's Response
> Jaggies - Weren't able to implement anti-aliasing in demo; Addressed.
> Can't give exact time frame for when anti-aliasing will be implemented.
> Frame Rate - High priority issue; working on optimizing.
> Working towards full HD, however, frame rate seems to be a bigger issue.

#6 - The motion is realistic, but because of that it feels slow
Tabata's Response
> Difficult to determine whether sluggish motion is result of weapon or not.
> Focused on footing and feeling connected to ground.
> Working on it.

#7 - Can you at least add a mini-map or compass?
Tabata's Response
> Yes, we will.
> Will also look into radar if players want it.

#8 - I want a dodge action that doesn't rely on MP
Tabata's Response
> There is a default dodge ability; warp-dodge = higher level dodge action.
> Couldn't prepare UI elements for switching abilities for demo.
> Also wasn't included because of memory limit.

#9 - It's a game about hiding behind rocks and replenishing MP
Player Comments
> When you run out of MP, you have to hide behind rocks to replenish.

Tabata's Response
> The amount of MP that recovers and time needed was balanced for the demo.
> In the final release, there will be more actions players' disposal.
>Probably will be instances where you need to hide, but it should decrease.

#10 - Batles too difficult or too easy
Player Comments
> Japanese players = Too hard
> Western players = Too easy

Tabata's Response
> Looking to include difficulty options.

#11 - Overall controls weren't good, battles too monotonous.
Tabata's Response
> Looking into this issue.
> Considering letting players choose their own button maps.

#12 - Stamina needed for dashing is annoying.
Tabata's Response
> Feel it gives characters a bit of realism.
> Considering implementing something to make certain foods give more stamina.
> Possible to have meals that boost speed and distance.

#13 - I want to warp as a regular means of moving around.
Tabata's Response
> Was in the plan, but was very buggy.
> Final release will have more warp points.
> Dynamic warping will be essential part of battles.

#14 - Please let me cancel my attacks by evading.
Tabata's Response
> Working on making sure players can evade mid-attack.

#15 - Lots of Bugs
Player Comments
> I didn't think it'd be possible to ride NPC's car
> Able to get to Titan.

Tabata's Response
> Apologies for this.
> Bugs will be thoroughly addressed for final release.

#1 - Noctis' Voice is weird.
Tabata's Response
> Sounds like Batman.
> Voice over work was rushed.
> Voice acting has already changed since demo.

#2 - Cindy is too sexy. Also, I want a female party member.
Tabata's Response
> Cindy is not meant to be erotic.
> The game's supposed to be about a foursome's journey where they can be themselves.
> Possible guest characters in your party for the final release.

That's it for the feedback section! Again, if you'd like to read the full report, you can head over to Gematsu and check out more information on Episode Duscae 2.0 by clicking here.

The next Active Time Report will be late May and Tabata states that fans should not expect major announcements at E3 2015 this June. You can check out the full Active Time Report below:

Source: Gematsu

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