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Final Fantasy Record Keeper Has Passed The 1 Million Downloads Mark

Final Fantasy Record Keeper Has Passed The 1 Million Downloads Mark

Written by Lauren — 10 Apr 2015

Final Fantasy Record Keeper hasn't even been out a month in the west yet, and it's already exceeded 1 million downloads and in many ways it deserves the popularity it's received.

In honor of the celebration, players will receive one Mythril as a Daily Login Bonus for 5 days beginning this Saturday, April 11th until Thursday, April 16th.

Square Enix is no stranger to pulling at seasoned Final Fantasy gamers' heartstrings, but for some reason this game feels different from the others. Dissidia and Theatrhythm have their moments of nostalgia, but perhaps it's because of the way the gameplay works and the fact that the characters and enemies have had a 16-bit makeover that makes this game so much more than just a tribute. Granted only a few of the numbered Final Fantasy games have been featured so far, but given that they've featured some of the series' biggest titles first (like Final Fantasy VI, VII, and X) there's enough to keep people from feeling left out.

If you missed last week's event, it was focused around Final Fantasy VII's Shinra tower and if you were able to complete it, you could earn yourself Tifa and Sephiroth as new party members. It's such a simple little event, but its these sort of things that make the game really special.

Hopefully we'll have more events like this in the future. At the moment there's a Final Fantasy IV themed "Light Against the Darkness" event going on where you can earn Cecil as a party member, so it's definitely possible.

If you have yet to get Final Fantasy Record Keeper, we definitely suggest that you do and don't let the criticisms of its cost fool you. The Stamina bar offers players plenty of time a day to play the game and they even have moments where if you level up you might have your stamina bar replenished. You're well within your right to pay as much or as little as you want to this game, it doesn't take away from the fact that it's definitely a fun experience for any fan of the series.

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