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Square Enix Announces A Bunch of Final Fantasy XI Goodies

Square Enix Announces A Bunch of Final Fantasy XI Goodies

Written by Lauren — 23 Mar 2015

14 years ago, Final Fantasy's first numbered MMO title Final Fanasy XI was released and for many gamers, Final Fantasy XI still holds an important place in their hearts. With that being said, the latest news from Square Enix marks the end of an era.

Final Scenario
A 3-part finale has been announced with the first part, "Rhapsodies of Vana'diel" coming this May. Square Enix has promised an epic conclusion with many of Final Fantasy XI's major characters over the past 13 years making appearances. The next parts will be releasing in August and November. There will also be an in game event called "The Goddess's Gala" which has been described as a festival for anyone who has ever played Final Fantasy XI.

PlayStation 2 and Xbox 360 Services Ending
Square Enix have announced that operation of the PlayStation 2 and Xbox 360 versions of the game in March 2016 with the PC version carrying on afterward. No end date has been announced for the PC version.

Mobile Projects Announced For Final Fantasy XI
Square Enix has announced a couple of Final Fantasy XI themed mobile titles that will be underway. The Korean studio Nexon is actually looking into bringing the title to smartphones and optimizing it for a touch screen interface.

The other mobile project announced was Final Fantasy Grandmasters which will be a mobile title set in Final Fantasy XI's Vana'diel with real-time cooperative battles with a variety of jobs and equipment.

We'll keep you posted on the Final Fantasy XI projects as they unfold.

Source: Nova Crystallis

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