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Square Enix Showcases Next Final Fantasy Type Game

Square Enix Showcases Next Final Fantasy Type Game

Written by Lauren — 23 Mar 2015

During a recent event for Final Fantasy Type-0 HD that took place in Hong Kong, Square Enix has presented some interesting new concept art for the next possible Final Fantasy Type game, Final Fantasy Type-Next.

Please if you do not wish to be spoiled, do not read any further!

The concept art looks extremely lovely with a much different style compared to Final Fantasy Type-0. It's hard to say what the exact style they're going for as some of the art seems a bit more of a period type game, whereas there are also some images of a city landscape.

Overall it's very interesting and hopefully we'll have more information in the future, however, the team did mention that this project is on hold for the moment while director Hajime Tabata is working on Final Fantasy XV.

You can check out the gorgeous art that was featured at the showcase below:

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