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Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward Is Coming to Mac

Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward Is Coming to Mac

Written by Lauren — 09 Mar 2015

At this year's PAX, Square Enix have released a bunch of information for Final Fantasy XIV's first expansion - Heavensward including its release date and that it's coming to Mac.

Heavensward promises a lot of new content from jobs to flying mounts, to raids, etc. Square Enix have even released a 7 minute walkthrough showing off the expansion's new areas which look eerily like Dark Souls a bit. You can also hear some epic organ music playing throughout.

For more of our coverage on Heavensward you can check it out here.

Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward will release officially on June 23rd with early access on June 19th with pre-orders opening next week! We'll keep you posted on the dates for the Mac version, but overall it seems pretty exciting.

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