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Final Fantasy: Record Keeper Is Finally Coming To The West

Final Fantasy: Record Keeper Is Finally Coming To The West

Written by Lauren — 26 Feb 2015

Remember a while back when we mentioned the nice little smartphone game, Final Fantasy: Record Keeper? Well finally Square Enix are bringing the title to the west.

Released in Japan last year, Final Fantasy: Record Keeper takes fans through the history of Final Fantasy in a lovely 16-bit fashion. You follow a student named Deci who is given a rare opportunity to visit his mentor, Dr. Mog's, fantastic Final Fantasy gallery which allows him to enter all of the different Final Fantasy worlds.

You can replay all of your favorite bosses and fight along side your favorite Final Fantasy heroes. Your characters can even be customized with their iconic weapons, summons, and spells.

Final Fantasy: Record Keeper will release in North America for Android and iOS devices. If you'd like to pre-register, you can do so by heading to the game's official website. Pre-registering will allow you unlock Tidus from Final Fantasy X from the start of the game, so it's worth checking out.

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