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Dissidia: Final Fantasy Reboot Announced, Looks Stunning

Dissidia: Final Fantasy Reboot Announced, Looks Stunning

Written by Darryl — 14 Feb 2015

Wowzers! It looks like Square Enix has decided to "reboot" Dissidia: Final Fantasy by developing a game of the exact same name (albeit with a new logo) for Japanese arcades.

There has been no word about any kind of console port thus far, but we've been clamouring for a home console version of Dissidia: Final Fantasy for some time and this seems like a perfect fit.

It will develop the original format by having a base around 3 vs 3 combat, with quite a few other changes said to be present compared to the original versions which appeared on the PSP.

The trailer shows off a few different characters, with the Warrior of Light and Cloud Strife getting involved in a clash at the end, but we can also see Terra, Lightning, Onion Knight and Y'shtola (Final Fantasy XIV). There will more than likely be further additions, which may even include Final Fantasy XV, but we will have to wait until the 10th of April when more information should be delivered.

If there is ANY word about a PS4/Xbox One port of this in the wings, we will definitely let you guys know as soon as possible.

[[YouTube? &video=`tO7pHyz7mkc`]]

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