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Jump Festa 2015: Tabata's Active Time Report Summary

Jump Festa 2015: Tabata's Active Time Report Summary

Written by Lauren — 22 Dec 2014

For those of you left wanting more from the Final Fantasy XV trailer released at Jump Festa 2015, the guys over at Kotaku have translated all the information from Hajime Tabata's full rundown on the trailer and here are some of the things they reported:

Titan - The Summon
Although Hajime Tabata tried to be a bit silly saying that he hadn't said it was "Titan", Tabata caved quite quickly stating that it is in fact the summon known as Titan from previous Final Fantasy games. Apparently you'll be able to obtain summons in different ways. Some you'll have to fight like how Titan is featured in the trailer and some you'll have to obtain through other methods. Unfortunately, Tabata said that Titan will not be in "Episode Duscae". Apparently Tabata had plans to put him in, but decided against it as his inclusion would give away a bit too much of the story, but Tabata promises a different summon for Episode Duscae along with a prototype of Final Fantasy XV's summon system.

Seamless Towns
The trailer revealed some new scenery. According to Tabata the town featured is called "Resukarunu" which is in the Duscae region. As for how the towns will act within the game play, Tabata stated that the team are trying to make the transitions between towns completely seamless, however in the end they might end up with loading times for the more important places. Like with previous Final Fantasy games, you'll be able to rest their hotels, have meals, and go shopping among other things.

Camping Effects
As previously mentioned at Tokyo Game Show, sleeping will play a big part in this game. Tabata confirms that should you wish to fight for three days straight without sleeping, your characters will pay the price. Not only that, by sleeping your EXP that you earn each day will turn to levels as you sleep so if you don't sleep, your levels will not increase. So if someone wanted to challenge themselves and stay at a low levels through their playthrough, all they have to do is not sleep, but with that they'll never be in top condition. However, there will be some points in the game where your characters will be forced to go a few days without resting.

Days Last About An Hour
Although it was previously mentioned that days would take about 30 minutes each, apparently now they'll last about an hour. Tabata mentions that they'll be tweaking this a bit more before the release of the demo but at the moment daytime lasts roughly 40 to 45 minutes with about 15 minutes worth of rest time.

Train Train Take Us Away
There will be an event in the game where you'll be required to take a train to get there. There's a point featured in the trailer where you see Noctis struggling to make his way through a very rough train ride in the snow.

So the debate should be concluded with this. Tabata himself has said that her name is in fact "Cid"-ney. Apparently she's integral to the adventure more so than the story.

Where's the Magic?
There hasn't been much featured in terms of magic, but Tabata stated that this is something that will be a part of the game's later development. A prototype has been made. but the team is going to "brush up" the graphics before the game's release. At the moment though, the magic doesn't look too impressive which is why they have yet to show it according to Tabata.

Dual Audio For 'Episode Duscae'
For everyone who prefers to listen to the original Japanese dubbing of Final Fantasy games, you're in luck as the demo will be released with both English and Japanese dubbing along with subtitles for English, German, French, Italian, and Spanish. Although with the demo, as it's not that large in size, the additional dubbing is okay, but for the main game, the issue of size and scheduling comes into play, so the team is still in the process of working this out for the final release.

You can check out the full translation here and you can also watch the full "Tabata Active Time Report" below:

Source: Kotaku

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