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New Introductory Video And Release Schedule For Dive-In

New Introductory Video And Release Schedule For Dive-In

Written by Lauren — 30 Sep 2014

Just in time for its launch next week, Square Enix have released an introductory video focusing on some of the many titles that will be available to play on Square Enix's new Tablet/Smart Phone streaming service, Dive-In.

As narrated by the Japanese voice actress for Lightning, Sakamoto Maaya, Dive-In's introductory video features many of the games that we've come to love in the Final Fantasy series including Final Fantasy VII and VIII along with other titles that will be available to play through the service like Murdered: Soul Suspect.

Initially, fans will be able to rent Final Fantasy XIII, Final Fantasy VII International, and Season of Mystery: The Cherry Blossom Murders. Here's rough schedule for some of the announced titles:

- Final Fantasy VIII
- The Last Remnant

- Final Fantasy XIII-2
- Murdered: Soul Suspect

Early 2015
- Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII

Still no word on whether or not a similar service will be made available for fans in the west, but hopefully we'll get some more information soon. Dive-In is set to launch on October 9th in Japan. You can check out the introductory video below:

Source: Dive-In Official Site

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