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Final Fantasy XIII and IV Coming To PC

Final Fantasy XIII and IV Coming To PC

Written by Lauren — 23 Sep 2014

Following the massive success of Final Fantasy VII and VIII on Steam, ports of Final Fantasy IV and the Final Fantasy XIII series will be joining the ranks on the cloud gaming service.

Final Fantasy IV has actually already released on Steam. It's based on the DS remake offering fans of the game to relive the magic and those who have yet to play the title another way to play.

Aside from that, the Final Fantasy XIII series will also be arriving on PC. As it's made up of 3 titles, they will be releasing the games periodically starting with Final Fantasy XIII in two weeks time.

Both games will be priced at $15.99 each, however, Final Fantasy XIII can be pre-ordered with a 10% discount. Final Fantasy IV is available now while Final Fantasy XIII will be available on October 9th.

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