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Sakaguchi: I Hated Square

Sakaguchi: I Hated Square

Written by Darryl — 10 Sep 2014

As fans of Final Fantasy, we owe Hironobu Sakaguchi quite a lot. He was the driving force behind the Final Fantasy franchise for many years and it's a shame to hear about how his relationship with the company soured towards the end.

The financial failure of Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within has been public knowledge for a while now and it's clear that this formed part of his decision to leave. Despite the huge financial success of the Final Fantasy franchise as a whole, Sakaguchi felt that the ethos of the company had changed over the years.

"I hated Square, the whole business part of it", said Sakaguchi in an interview with Joystiq. He goes on to say that he, like anyone else, appreciates the need for financial success, but that Squaresoft became too obsessed with the money-side of entertainment. "doing it too much [business] is not actually that good. That's why we emphasised having a lot of balance in Terra Battle."

Terra Battle is the latest game from Mistwalker (official site), a studio setup by Sakaguchi following his decision to leave Squaresoft. It's a game for smart phones that has a free-to-play model. According to the game's website, more content will be added based on the number of downloads the game has had - not by the amount of revenue it has generated. After 100,000 downloads, the game will receive new music by another familiar face to Final Fantasy fans, Nobuo Uematsu.

It really is a shame to hear about how things changed for Sakaguchi, but he has gone on to create some great RPGs with Mistwalker.

Source: Joystiq

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