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New Final Fantasy Cafe In Tokyo To Open Tomorrow

New Final Fantasy Cafe In Tokyo To Open Tomorrow

Written by Lauren — 30 Jul 2014

Tokyo's very first Final Fantasy XIV themed restaurant, Eorzea Cafe, will open tomorrow and from the pictures that have been released so far, it looks absolutely breathtaking.

The cafe is modeled after Eorzea's Carline Canopy where adventurers all start their journey into A Realm Reborn. The walls are decorated with maps, weapons, and armor from the game. The menu is filled with Final Fantasy themed drinks and entries along with some really adorable desserts.

There are even PCs setup for patrons to play A Realm Reborn and, of course, moogles, moogles, and more moogles.

This place is definitely something any Final Fantasy fan should add to their itinerary while visiting Japan. The cafe opens tomorrow and, if you can't wait that long, you can check out some lovely photos below and you can check out the official site here.:

Source: Kotaku

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