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Square Enix Registers Prequel Trilogy Trademark In Japan

Square Enix Registers Prequel Trilogy Trademark In Japan

Written by Lauren — 29 Jul 2014

Square Enix isn't shy about making prequels to its hit games. For example, Final Fantasy VII already has two prequels and now according to recent reports, Square Enix has registered a trademark for a "Prequel Trilogy".

Of course, this doesn't always mean much. They could just be keeping it for safe keeping, but wouldn't it be interesting if Square Enix did start making more prequels to it's main series games, much like how Crisis Core was to Final Fantasy VII?

Which main Final Fantasy title or any Square Enix title would you like to see a prequel to? Leave your answers in the comments below.

Trademark For Square Enix Prequel Trilogy

Source: Siliconera

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