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Final Fantasy XIV's Crystal Tower To End In Patch 2.5

Final Fantasy XIV's Crystal Tower To End In Patch 2.5

Written by Lauren — 22 Jul 2014

Lead Designer Nobuaki Komoto has announced during the latest Letter from the Producer LIVE session that Crystal Tower will be end in Patch 2.5 and Coil of Bahamut will end in Patch 2.4.

Komoto also discussed updates to Frontlines PvP stating that players will be able to use vanity starting Patch 2.35 and they're also looking into other possible features including randomized starting points and new maps.

The team is also looking into speeding up the rate of certain FATEs and offering daily mark rewards. Komoto also teased the Gold Saucer addition to A Realm Reborn which sounds like it could be really fun. Also teased was the new Ninja job class which will be added in Patch 2.4. You can check out some gameplay footage in the video below:

As A Realm Reborn is going to be celebrating its first anniversary soon, Komoto said that they'll be bringing back some special event FATEs for fans to enjoy. Square Enix is also looking into a 14-day free trial and referral program so as to give people more incentive to play.

You can read the full Letter from the Producer LIVE Part XVI on the official forums.

Source: Official Forums

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