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Final Fantasy XIV Offers Free Login Weekend For Old Players

Final Fantasy XIV Offers Free Login Weekend For Old Players

Written by Darryl — 18 Jul 2014

If you previously played Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, but have since stopped, Square Enix are doing a small promotion aimed specifically at you!

Yes, if you were a previous player, they are going to revive your account and make the game free for you to play all weekend, as much as you want. The hope is that the recently implemented patch 2.3 will encourage old players that Final Fantasy XIV really is the place for them to be.

Starting at 3am EDT today (18th of July), the free period will run all the way through until 3am EDT on Monday - plenty of time to bring your character back to frolic around the world again.

If you are in that category, and decide to check Final Fantasy XIV out all over again, let us know how you get on! It'd be great to hear how you feel about all the new changes that have been brought into the game with this latest patch.

Source: Lodestone

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