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Final Fantasy Record Keeper Has Site Has Opened With Lots More Information

Final Fantasy Record Keeper Has Site Has Opened With Lots More Information

Written by Lauren — 17 Jul 2014

Final Fantasy Union has been keeping tabs on the Final Fantasy Record Keeper site for the last couple of days and finally the Official Site has opened and we can get more information on what this game actually is.

Basically, Final Fantasy Record Keeper is like a library for some of the greatest Final Fantasy battles in the series. You follow a character named Deci who currently works under a Dr. Mog in a history department. As a prized pupil of Dr. Mog's, you've been given the ability to dive into paintings which lead to different Final Fantasy worlds.

Only the numbered series have been mentioned so far and each one has its own world with dungeons to explore. Upon finishing a dungeon, you can unlock characters from those Final Fantasy worlds to fight along side you.

The game will include a bunch of notable fights from each of the games and it seems like all of them will be redone in a 16-bit style.

At the moment, Final Fantasy Record Keeper is set to release as a free to play game in Japan on iOS and Android devices. It'll release in Japan this summer. You can check out some of the screenshots below:

Source: Siliconera

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