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Final Fantasy Explorers Offers Adjustable Difficulty

Final Fantasy Explorers Offers Adjustable Difficulty

Written by Lauren — 03 Jul 2014

To go along with the recent reports on customizable job classes in Final Fantasy Explorers, Director Atsushi Hashimoto and Project Manager Takahiro Abe also revealed that the game should prove accessible for every kind of gamer with adjustable difficulty.

Hashimoto and Abe revealed that they're planning on adding high difficulty quests which will hopefully give seasoned players something to talk about, but they also want to include newer gamers as well.

"There will also be things like specific actions that can be used to cancel abilities, and other technical maneuvers for those who are confident in their skills to enjoy," stated Hashimoto.

The pair also discussed the 'Resonance System' which will have players performing abilities together in order to create more powerful abilities. This system can also be used from a distance unlike similar systems where cooperative attacks could only be used on nearby enemies.

Chocobos unfortunately will not be rideable in this title, however, you will be able to fight along side one through the monster recruitment system. In order to recruit a monster, you'll need to defeat them and obtain a special item drop. The rarer and more powerful monsters will be that much harder to recruit.

Explorer's story won't be as dramatic as the main numbered series' stories are, but it should still be quite a fun experience for fans enjoy with various worlds and NPCs to learn about.

Final Fantasy Explorers will be a Nintendo 3DS exclusive.

Source: Siliconera

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