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Customizable Job Classes In Final Fantasy Explorers

Customizable Job Classes In Final Fantasy Explorers

Written by Lauren — 01 Jul 2014

Project Manager Takahiro Abe and Director Atsushi Hashimoto have revealed more information regarding Final Fantasy Explorers including the ability to customize job classes offering players many different ways to play.

In a recent interview with Famitsu, the two revealed that although players can choose from the base job classes, like Black Mage or White Mage, they can be customized with various equipment and abilities in order to create interesting job class combinations like a "battle White Mage".

On top of that, Final Fantasy Explorers will not force players to change into specific job classes to learn specific abilities.

Hashimoto addressed the issue stating, "You can keep playing as a White Mage and learn Black Mage abilities. This might be a little different from conventional Final Fantasy games, but I felt that this would be a good idea when considering the trends of recent players."

With that being said though, the first abilities players will unlock will be the abilities that are linked to their chosen job class.

Final Fantasy Explorers promises over 500 different equipment pieces and more job classes than ever in Final Fantasy history.

No word on when we'll be seeing this title, but hopefully we'll have more in the near future. Final Fantasy Explorers will be a Nintendo 3DS exclusive.

Source: Siliconera

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