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Final Fantasy XV Is A Top Priority For Square Enix And Is Far Into Development

Final Fantasy XV Is A Top Priority For Square Enix And Is Far Into Development

Written by Lauren — 13 Feb 2014

The end of the 8 year development of Final Fantasy XV might be closer than we think according to Square Enix producer Yoshinori Kitase.

In a recent interview, Kitase mentioned that he believes the next installment of the Final Fantasy series is quite far into its development and assures fans that it is one of the company's top priorities.

"We can't give too much information but certainly looking at Final Fantasy XV, it's not as if it's in competition with Kingdom Hearts 3 for resources or anything like that," stated Kitase. With that being said though, Kitase mentioned that it does not mean Kingdom Haerts 3 is receiving any less attention either.

Kitase also mentioned that the game would still be within the Fabulla Nova Crystallis mythology despite no longer carrying the Final Fantasy XIII title.

"Even though it's not necessarily the same universe or the same game, they're all linked and underpinned by the backdrop of that legend," continued Kitase. "Now it's moved on - obviously the title's been changed to Final Fantasy XV - but that hasn't actually changed."

Still no word on when we will actually be seeing this beauty, but hopefully a release date announcement for Final Fantasy XV will come sooner rather than later.

To read more from this interview, you can pop over to Videogamer.

In the meantime, Lightning Returns has released earlier this week and america and will be out in Europe tomorrow, 14th February. If you haven't already, definitely check out our review for the game and our interview with the game's star, Ali Hillis.

Source: Videogamer

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