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Lightning Channeling Her Inner Lara Croft In New DLC

Lightning Channeling Her Inner Lara Croft In New DLC

Written by Lauren — 05 Feb 2014

New DLC for Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII is still pouring in and now that Lightning has covered most of the popular Final Fantasy female leads, it's only natural that she start venturing into other titles.

Square Enix has announced that Lightning will be getting a Lara Croft costume and it will be released some time next week. Lightning will, of course, be wearing Lara's costume from the latest Tomb Raider game which was released last year and then re-released on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

No word on how much players will have to shell out for this DLC, but for the moment you can at least enjoy an exciting new trailer and, in our opinion, the Lara Croft look definitely suits Lightning:

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