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Final Fantasy VIII Is Now On Steam

Final Fantasy VIII Is Now On Steam

Written by Lauren — 06 Dec 2013

After much speculation, Final Fantasy VIII has now joined the ranks of Steam titles, giving fans a chance to relive the adventure of Squall and his team.

There are a few updates with this version, one of which is the Magic Booster which powers players' spells. The Steam version has also added 45 achievements.

Finally, Chocobo World is now available to play. This is the first time the Pocket PlayStation game has been released in the West. You play as Boko the Chocobo and the main objective is to save your friend Mog from an evil demon.

This, of course, isn't the first Final Fantasy to join up with Steam as 6 months ago, Final Fantasy VII was brought on board.

Final Fantasy VIII is available on steam for $11.99/£9.99. You can watch the launch trailer below:

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